Comment Tags

[# This is a comment tag #] [# This code is NFG - temporarily disabled [% if oh.noes -%] Oh Noes! [% else <nelson>Ha Ha</nelson> #] --EOF--
look inside...
Thus Spake Andy:

TT3 also has comment tags. You can still put comments in either inline or outline tags (although they're broken in outline tags at the time of writing - it's on my TODO list). They start with a # and continue to the end of line or end of tag (whichever comes first). The new comment tags consume and ignore everything from the [# start to the first #] end following it. That means you can't nest comment tags, but you can have other tags (including syntactically incorrect ones) inside a comment tag. That's useful for commenting out bits of code or perhaps if you want to write some documentation for a template including examples of use.