Adding Extra Tags

$tt3 = Template3->new(
    tagset => [
        picture => {
            type    => 'replace',
            start   => '<picture:',
            end     => '>',
            replace => sub {
                my ($self, $text) = @_;
                # TODO: check image exists, add height and width,
                # lookup title, etc., in metadata file
                return qq{<img src="/images/pictures/$text">};


Blah blah some text
Blah blah more text
Thus Spake Andy:

You can disable any or all of the 4 default tags (either via config parameters or the TAGS control). You can also add your own tags if 4 aren't enough for you. This example shows an additional tag being defined that expands things like <picture:hello.png> into a proper <img ...> tag. This tag is in addition to all the usual TT3 tags, so it's effectively become a custom part of the template language. It would be easy to extend this to lookup the image (throwing an error if it doesn't exist), determine the width, height, and perhaps some metadata from a file or database to add a title and/or alt attribute. The nice thing is that all of this happens just once when the template is compiled so there's no runtime overhead involved (you can also write code to do it at runtime if you prefer but that's beyond the scope of this simple example).