Using Multiple Dialects

use Template3;

my $tt3 = Template3->new(
    template_path => [
        {   path    => '/path/to/templates/tt3',
            dialect => 'TT3',
        {   path    => '/path/to/templates/tt2',
            dialect => 'TT2',
        {   path    => '/path/to/templates/bbcode',
            dialect => 'BBCode',
Thus Spake Andy:

TT3 support an unlimited number of dialects simultaneously. Here's an example showing a template_path comprised of 3 locations. The first contains TT3 templates, the second contains TT2 templates and the third contains our custom BBCode templates. When you ask TT3 for a template it'll look in each of the locations in order until it find the template. The template returned will use the correct dialect depending on which location it was served from.