TT3 Options

my $tt3 = Template3->new(
    template_path => '/path/to/templates',
Thus Spake Andy:

Options are now in lower case (reminisce about how TT is so old that it comes from a time when Perl would only auto-quote barewords on the left of a => fat comma if they were in UPPER_CASE). What was INCLUDE_PATH is now template_path. The ABSOLUTE and RELATIVE options are deprecated as TT3 just Does The Right Thing™ with file handling - if you don't specify a template_path then it assumes you know what you're doing (i.e. you're a programmer) and gives you access to the entire filesystem. Files specified with relative filenames are relative to the current working directory (so 'foo.tt3' and '/full/path/to/foo.tt3' both work correctly).