Boolean Logic Operators

[% # High Precedence ! a # true if a is false !! a # true if a is undefined a || b # b if a is false a !! b # b if a is undefined a && b %] [% # Low Precedence not a a and b a or b # b if a is false a nor b # b if a is undefined %] --EOF--
look inside...
Thus Spake Andy:

All the boolean operators are there. TT3 uses !! for the undefined equivalent of the \\ operator. Perl 5.10/6 use \\. The difference is largely historic. I added this operator years ago in an earlier incantation of the TT3 parser. At the time, it was either slated for Perl 6, or I just figured it was the best thing. I don't like \\ because it looks like a C/C++/Javascript comment so I haven't rushed to change it to mimic Perl 5.10/6 but I probably will to avoid Least Surprise Violations. Perhaps there will be a 'Most like Perl' dialect and a 'More like Javascript' dialect. Who knows? It's easy to change so I'm not sweating the minutiae at the moment.